Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another Weekly Top 5 (#6)


I hope your week is going well. It's been a minute since I posted a weekly top 5, so as a quick refresher, I'm suggesting you try out a new drink, piece of music, dish or restaurant (sometimes specific to the greenville area. Okay, usually specific to the Greenville area), something to do with attire or shopping, and a random item of interest (more than likely some form of art).

So now that we're up to speed, check these 5 fresh to def things:

1. Tea Cozy's Iced Greek Mountain Tea - Tea Cozy is one of my favorite places to hang out in Greenville. How many businesses can you pop a squat and play Cards Against Humanity with the boss lady in? (S/O to my pink-haired beauty, Mello) This particular type of tea is heavy on the herbal vibe and grows only on mountains in Greece. It's usually served iced with honey and lemon. To sum up the flavor, it tastes like a spicy Arnold Palmer. Yeah, it's awesome (and extremely affordable). Great transitional summer to fall drink. Also, maybe nectar from the Greek Gods, but TBD.

2. Father John Misty's Fear Fun - I don't know where I've been, but this album came out in 2012 and is awesomely unique. If you like music with lyrics that just barely touch on the side of morbid set to a garage-y folk, mountain sound, I present you with this gift. So far my favorites from the record are "Hollywood Forever Cemetery" and "Only Son of a Ladiesman." Hit it up on Spotify. (They're running a student discount of 4.99 for premium so you should also hit that up.)

3. Mike and Jeff's BBQ - It's stuck in the middle of nowhere aka San Souci, SC, but it is easily the best BBQ I've ever had. Their hush puppies have cheese in them, okay. The restaurant itself easily fits into the "dive" type atmosphere but the building is clean and nicely decorated with every type of pig figurine you might imagine. The pricing is super reasonable, getting huge amounts of food for around $5-$10 a person. Their hours are a little funky, so be sure to plan ahead. Totes worth it.

4. Warby Parker Glasses - It's like Toms but affordable (for every pair you buy, they give a free pair to someone who needs glasses). You have a free at home try on if you like or a virtual webcam try on (which actually is pretty accurate), they will call and get your prescription from your optometrist if you don't remember it, the glasses are good quality, muy, muy stylish, and comfortable. And they come with a case. Normally, Warby's running a free shipping discount, too. What's not to like? I mean just look at 'em:

5. Zach Braff's Wish I Was Here - Zach Braff is a genius. This movie is brilliant on so many levels. Per usual, the soundtrack is on point with Hozier (who was in another weekly top 5), Bon Iver, Paul Simon, and of course, the Shins. This movie captures the human element beautifully and will make you laugh, remember, and if you're me, cry like a baby. Be warned, it can hit a lot closer to home than you might expect, but it's worth the tears. The cast is stacked and if you don't enjoy this movie, well, sorry you don't have good taste.


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  1. I love Warby Parker! I've had a pair for a while and am actually wearing mine today! They are super affordable, adorable, AND for every pair you buy they provide vision for someone in need! What's not to love?