Thursday, December 5, 2013

American Christmas

Here's a little poem I wrote a year ago. It's a few days late, but still in the right season. Hope you all enjoy. :)

The Morn of Black Friday

On the morn of Black Friday, I sit on my couch
Still stuffed from the turkey, I can’t help but slouch.
I sip my coffee and turn on the news,
while slipping into my most comfortable work shoes.

The news anchor informs me that five people have died,
due to the merciless crowd that rushed in from outside.
Surely this can’t be real, I can stand to watch no more,
Wasn’t it just yesterday we remembered all the stuff we’re thankful for?

I turn off the television, and wash out my cup,
I feel that for America all I can do is give up.
Since when did a flat screen become more valuable than life?
Or football more important than time with your wife?

It’s time for work, and I’m headed into the abyss
Retail during Christmas, what a worse time is this?
We’re opening far too early, and closing way too late
On top of it all, we got twelve pallets of new freight.

There’s nowhere to put it, everything’s overflowing,
The hours are dragging and my frustration’s growing.
My greatest desire is to be in bed, asleep
“No ma’am, we don’t have any discounts, our stuff’s already so cheap!”

I’m not allowed to leave Jewelry, I need some fresh air,
“God why have you forsaken me? Are you even up there?”
Christmas music has been playing on and on and on
Same song, different versions, my sanity is going, going, gone.

But out of nowhere a thought strikes me, it’s a promise I’ve made,
Not to give thanks only on Thanksgiving, but be thankful every day.
For God so loved us that He gave his only son
and because of Him, all my battles are already won.

A smile returns to my face, and I’m gonna work for the Lord.
This job won’t be worthless, because only boring people get bored.
I remember we’re all here for a purpose; He’s not finished with me yet,
Even on a busy, Black Friday, how much better could life get?

I have a family that loves me, great friends and good health,
Despite all these deals, Jesus gives the greatest wealth.

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