Thursday, November 28, 2013

Weekly Top Five (#3)

Happy hangout with annoying relatives and eat yourself so full it's unhealthy day! Here's the weekly top 5 so we can gear ourselves up for the worst day of the year aka Black Friday. Bring on the same 8 secular Christmas songs and getting in fights in Cherrydale's parking lot.

1. The Forest's Dirty Black Cat: In case you all didn't know, this is the best drink probably in the world. I have traveled far and wide in Greenville County to find the best Chai tea, and congratulations, the Forest has three different kinds of it. For this drink, their Chai is mixed with almond syrup and a shot of espresso. Yes, it is what angels dreams are made of. You want a great place to study, meet up with friends, or just chill? This is your place. Travelers Rest can produce some good things.

2. Lofticries by Purity Ring: You'll definitely be delving into the indie scene with this song. Relaxing. Electronic. Unique. This is a great winter driving song or something to listen to when you need to get in the zone. This entire CD is great, so definitely take the time to give them a listen.

3. Chicora Alley's Fried Mac 'n Cheese: Okay seriously, just the title is enough to get you through the doors. I've also done many tastings of Greenville's multiple fried mac 'n cheese dishes and no one can beat Chicora. Chicora is one of the best restaurants in downtown Greenville; great cooks, memorable servers that do their job well, and of course all of the awesome food. Rarely do you have to wait for a seat, and better yet, there are rarely ever children. It's got a great eclectic, local feel with romantic outlooks over Falls Park. C-C-Check it out sometime.

4. OPI's Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow nail polish: This is my favorite nail polish color of all time. And it's perfect for the Christmas season. The color is a deep forest green, almost black once you get a few coats on. It's dark and stylish, and not your typical nail-rotting green color. Red nails are a classic, but this is a great alternative to the classic nails everyone has at Christmas time. The best place to pick some up is Four bucks a bottle.

5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine: My new favorite comedy by far. Andy Sandberg is refreshingly funny. The cast is stacked with solid actors and actresses who are all equally as funny as the other. Each episode has multiple problems to be solved; therefore, interesting, mildly suspenseful, and of course, hilarious. It's not your typical cop show. It airs on Fox Tuesday nights at 8:30. Watch it.

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