Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Weekly Top 5! (#2)

So, I've tried to concoct a specific formula for my weekly top 5 going forward. I think I've settled on a weekly drink, song/artist, fashion item, meal/restaurant, and random item. Without further ado, here's this week's top 5:

1. Coffee and Crema's Latte with Muscavado syrup: All of you need to go bother Shawn Blackwell for one of these puppies asap. I had this creation a few weeks ago and I cannot rest until I have another one. Coffee and Crema makes all of their own syrups and makes sure that their customers are getting the best quality coffee that also allows the farmers to bring home as much money as they can to take care of their families. Seriously, it's some of the best coffee I've ever had and it supports a good cause. (And it's reasonably priced.) You can get anything from Coffee and Crema and be satisfied, but I suggest the Muscavado syrup because it's a rich, sweet, unique flavor that is 100% delicious. For all you dark chocolate lovers out there, this is the drink for you.

2. Take Me to Church by Hozier: This song is my ultra-jam of the week. Homeboy's voice is as rich as that Muscavado syrup. This song is bluesy, soulful, and the ultimate pleasure for your ears. It's one of those songs that should be that background music to a really serious and dramatic tv show commercial for the episode that something jaw-dropping happens. It's got a very chill singer-songwriter vibe; essentially a mix of City and Colour, Onerepublic, and Josh Garrels.

3. Luna Rosa's Tomato and Eggplant Bisque: Yes, Luna Rosa has food. If you've never stopped in, Luna Rosa also has the best gelato in the world. Everything is made fresh in their kitchens and they are all about giving you some free samples. Now, to a lot of you I'm sure eggplant doesn't sound appealing, but trust me, this is a small taste of heaven. It's yet another rich, hearty soup but not weirdly chunky or brothy. If you could drink the most delicious pasta sauce you can think of, it'd be this in soup form. Order a cup or bowl with a small side of their homemade garlic bread and you'll be set. Definitely don't pass up their gelato on the way out. Somehow it's supposed to be better for you than ice cream? Yeah, that's how I'd justify it. YOLO.

4. Spiritex's Bamboo Frisco Wrap: Attention fashionable people. All of you need one of these. And all of you need to come support my new place of work while you're at it. This wrap is the bomb. You can wear it 4 ways, one of them being a scarf. (Tiffany Cobb make your  boo buy you this for Christmas.) Because it's made out of a mixture of organic cotton and bamboo it's extremely soft, warm when you need it to be, and definitely stylish. Available colors: Red, black, and moss green. I'll be there all weekend. I expect to see some of you. If you don't live in Asheville or Greenville then order one from our online store. :)

5. Nyla Beans Gift Store: This is my favorite gift store in Greenville. Everything sold is either fair-trade, made by local artists, or made by the mother-daugther pair that owns the store. And the best part is that everything is extremely reasonably priced. While this store has a major hippy vibe, you can find something for everyone here. They have handmade soaps and perfumes, gorgeous, unique jewelry, thrifted clothes, and sweet home goods. With Christmas being just around the corner, I encourage everyone to support your local businesses instead of the huge department stores where their employees are just cogs in a machine instead of people with ideas and opinions.

Stop back next Wednesday for the next top 5. Until then, happy trendsetting! Make me proud.

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