Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Weekly Top 5

So, I'm often called a hipster by my friends as a semi-insult. News flash, I take that as a compliment. For someone whose favorite Disney movie is Sword in the Stone i.e. classic literature, one of the least well known Disney films, and my favorite character of all time is Archimedes the owl. it's pretty clear I was born hipster. So from hence forth, I'll be sharing my weekly top 5 of whatever it is I like so you can keep up with the times. Holla.

1. Lady Gaga's Fame Black Fluid Perfume - Now, don't jump to conclusions because it's made by Lady Gaga. This is some of the best smelling perfume I've ever owned. I've been excited to wear it everyday since I've bought it. You can get a 1.7 fl oz bottle at TJ Maxx for $20. The bottle itself is cool and decorative (not as outlandish as you might think) and the fluid is actually black (which to me is awesome and to others is weird.) Give it a second thought.

2. Betsey Johnson's Too Too Perfume - Clearly I'm on a perfume kick. I have this one as well and enjoy it, but I'd have to pick Black Fluid over Too Too. Too Too is a much stronger perfume and a bit younger smell than the other. It's in an adorable bottle that has a fishnet stocking and tutu on it. You can find a small version at TJ Maxx for $8. 

3. The Tea Room's Jasmine Milk Chocolate - Jasmine is just a fragrance right? Nope. Same thing with Lavender. This chocolate is so different and so delicious. And there are soooooo many other flavors I want to try (or you can try if Jasmine doesn't sound so good.) I found them at TJ Maxx for $2 a bar, but a more reliable source would be Earth fare. Mainly because I bought all the ones available at work. Sorry not sorry. (http://tea-room.stores.yahoo.net/wheretobuy.html)

4. Wendy's Strawberry Lemonade - Fair warning, this stuff is addicting. I hate Wendy's. But I love pretzel anything. So this pretzel pub chicken sandwich lead me to discover said lemonade and my life will never be the same again. It's sweet, tangy, and doesn't have annoying chunks of strawberries in it (just a few tiny seeds). Seriously, this is the best stuff ever. I could drink it all day. And I might if someone doesn't come wrench it from my hands.

5. NBC's new Dracula series with Johnathan Rhys Meyers (who looks just like Shawn Blackwell) - So, I'm a big fan of Dracula. I love most twists on a classic story as long as it's done well. Although there are some hangups in the series, like the blatant gay agenda that isn't all that relevant to the plot (but that's NBC for ya), it's an interesting show. The acting is solid, the plot continues to thicken after just 3 episodes (and is pretty complex). And did I mention Johnathan Rhys Meyers? Unfortunately, there's a pretty intense throat slitting scene within the first 5 minutes of the pilot and I just so happened to be starting dinner. (I've counted 4 more throat slittings since that moment). So, if you don't like moderate gore, you won't enjoy this show. It's worth checking out, but if you miss it, it won't be the end of the world.

If there's anything you'd like me to review or checkout, let this hipster know. Or if you do happen to check out some of these things lemme know what you thought. Peace.

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