Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pet Peeves - Part Deux

Well, I'm officially outraged. I've witnessed a few things this weekend that I can't help rant about. So here's pet peeves 6 & 7 because they're so heavy.

Number 6: I had yet another wedding to go to this weekend (let's not get married all at once, now). This wedding was in a lovely, historic hotel in downtown Anderson; decorated nicely with vintage lights, fancy sofas, and tons of desserts. As a few of my wedding friends and I sat in the lobby to rest our mootsie-tootsies for a minute, another fellow wedding goer passed through our group. He had on a what I think to be a Florida Gators jersey over his vest and under his tuxedo jacket. How hilarious, right? Oh no. Homeboy planted himself in front of the only tv in the place to watch the game and didn't move for the remainder of the time we were there. Someone stop America, I want to get off.

Number 7: On that same American note, let me rant to you for a second about beauty and our standard of it. A close friend of mine is competing in a pretty legit beauty pageant this month. Not even including this beauty pageant stuff, she is absolutely gorgeous; she's tall, thin, always stylishly dressed, and has the most beautiful hair potentially in the world. To any man or woman, stranger or friend, they couldn't deny she's striking and lovely. But for this upcoming beauty pageant, she's had to do some pretty messed up stuff. She's had to: extremely limit the types of food she's able to eat (basically nothing good ever), she can't eat more than 1200 calories a day which is the bare minimum for what's needed for basic nutrition, she's had to do 30+ minutes of cardio and strength exercises every day, and now, four days before the pageant, she's allowed to eat no more than 500 calories a day. That is literally starving yourself.

Do I think beauty pageants are stupid and a waste of time? Yeah, actually I've kinda come to that conclusion. I used to argue that if you just do them for fun it's no big deal, but the problem is no one can do beauty pageants just for fun. Let's just think about the concept behind the whole mess: we're lining however many women up, judging them on a perfect physical standard that doesn't exist, and now we've added a talent portion that makes talents that aren't even in the same realm compete with each other.

Don't even get me started on toddlers-teen pageants. Who thinks dressing a five year old up to look like they're thirty is a good idea? Dear pageant moms, I'm sorry you have so many insecurities that you have to pressure your child into living your dream. Your daughter is made up so much, she looks older than your actual maturity age level is.

You might argue that beauty pageants are good for building self-esteem, but no matter how you look at it, it's still a competition, and my self-esteem isn't doing so well if I don't win first place.

Let me set things straight, you can't deny that some people are just more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than others, but that's because sin has screwed up everything and our standard for beauty is extremely skewed.

Everyone is beautiful, handsome, pretty, gorgeous, lovely, sexy, pick whichever adjective you want. Humans are not the standard or judge of individual beauty, God is. He's the one that made us, so I'm pretty sure the Creator gets final say on His creations. And He fearfully and wonderfully made each of us.

What a joy in disguise it is that to Him we all look the same.

So, to the girl starving herself to get a flat stomach, you're already beautiful. To the guy constantly at the gym trying to get the perfect washboard abs, you're already handsome. To the pear shape, the hourglass, the more-to-love, you're all equally as lovely as the other. Quit holding yourself to an imperfect standard when the perfect one has already been reached.

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