Saturday, October 26, 2013


Let's be honest. Americans are not patient people. If a drive thru takes more than five minutes, someone is getting chewed out, or at the very least some belly-aching will ensue (probably from both the complaining and the food.) We need everything our way when we want, regardless of how inconvenient it might be. And unfortunately, we tend to deal like that with God.

When we ask God for something, if an immediate "yes" isn't written in the clouds, we tend to feel bullied and pout all over the place. Well, okay, at least I tend to do that. God always answers prayers, but the answer isn't always "yes." It's hard to accept a "no," particularly when that new job opening seems perfect, when you're trying to start a family, when that relationship abruptly ends, when that close friend tragically dies. The great thing about God is that He knows the rest of the story and He has a good reason for saying "no."

I constantly have to remind myself that God isn't a bully. He's a Father, and like any parent, He can't always give His children what they want because it's not good for them. Would you feed your child candy, pizza, and soda every meal just because they wanted it? If you answered yes, you probably shouldn't have children.

If you're currently in a season of waiting, I know it's tough and it seems like you'll be stuck there forever. But I promise you it won't. God would never put you in a situation that isn't good for you and in which He wouldn't receive glory. Not only will the wait one day be over, but it will have been worth it.

I've worked at TJ Maxx for almost five years now. Don't get me wrong, it's a great part time job, but it doesn't allow me to take on any more responsibility or use the skils/talents that I'm dying to put to work. Iv'e had other part time jobs alongside TJ's, but nothing has quite fit my part time dream job. Until a week ago. (Spiritex, downtown, come holla atcha girl sometime.) Five years is a long time to wait, but it was worth it.

I can give you example after example of the Lord's goodness and provision and favor over the years in my life, as well as so many others. Sometimes I forget how good He is and how much He wants to bless me with the desires of my heart.

My encouragement and challenge to you this week is to try to enjoy whatever season you may be in at the moment, be it prosperity, waiting, or struggle.

I'm not really one for Baptist addages, but sometimes it is good to remind yourself:
God is good all the time,
All the time, God is good.

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