Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blabber Mouth Presses

So let's talk about gossip. Let's talk about her behind her back; full disclosure of how she's a total slut, potentially pregnant, lying, cheating, suicidal scum of the earth. Since that's what's circulating the blabber mouth presses right now, then it's totally valid and true, right?

Gossip is friends with billions of people, many a woman's best friend, but despite our solid friendship, that won't stop me from talking smack about her to our mutual friend Rumor the minute she walks away. Now, Gossip and Rumor are like peanut butter and jelly except in a bad way. They're almost inseperable, and when they hit the town together, they can do some damage. They've been known to split up marriages, cause all-out brawls, make sisters never speak to each other for the rest of their lives, and even induce suicide or murder. The worst part is they almost always get away with it.

Gossip and Rumor sometimes have a third wheel friend that is equally as conniving and nasty. Drama is the most immature, selfish, haughty person of the three, and will fight to the death with earrings out and fake nail claws on. Drama will run a person ragged, bring out the darkest and ugliest side of their personality, and leave them bitter.

But there's another group of friends that, for some reason, are often forced to ride in the back seat, yet they are the three most beautiful girls. Peace, Truth, and Love have a permanent, unbreakable friendship that Gossip, Rumor, and Drama could never even hold a candle to.

Love is the toughest, yet most tender-spirited girl on the block. She's patient and kind, and nothing can sway her from serving everyone around. There isn't a soul who doesn't like Love.

Truth is a valiant-spirited girl. She can be blunt and harsh at times, but it's because she always tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Drama, Gossip, and Rumor hate her the most, and always try to mix her up in their petty games, yet she always breaks free.

Peace is the most chill girl in the world. She can end any fight, she takes time to figure out the best approach to every situation, and is always willing to sacrifice herself for the good of others. Peace will be the friend to find you at your lowest and bring you back to life.

Despite the fact that I've dealt with too many people who are close friends with Gossip, Rumor, and Drama, God has blessed me with many people in my life that have introduced me to Love, Peace, and Truth. And so I ask you, when you're faced with a trying situation in your life, which group of friends do you turn to?

When in doubt, just remember to be like Bambi. If you can't say something nice, encouraging, or uplifting, then keep your big, fat, stupid mouth shut.

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  1. I like how you personified the "girls." If I had to choose, I would say I am Miss least I hope I am.